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Make Your Engagement Memorable with White and Yellow Engagement Rings

Do you know the importance of your engagement? It is a gateway to walking down the aisle. From a traditional point of view, it holds great significance in your life, so you need to make it memorable.  You can do so with a white and yellow engagement ring. The different ways through which it serves your purpose include the following:


Traditionally, yellow gold is considered auspicious for gracious occasions. Moreover, it is a symbol of the highest quality. This is the reason white and yellow engagement rings are traditionally used for both engagement and wedding events. Moreover, at present, white and yellow gold is considered more fashionable and modern for fashionistas. All in all, these rings are ideal for your unique specifications.


The yellow color of the ring is appropriate for a vintage style setting as it is famous for the classic metal in both engagement and wedding bands. 

The Carat

Usually, 10-carat, 14-carat or 18-carat is used in making this engagement ring. This is so because when the carat is higher than this, the gold content gets higher, and the metal becomes less durable. 


Generally, this ring is more durable and scratchproof than other types of rings because the metal is mixed with stronger alloys.


The white and yellow ring is hypoallergenic. So, it does not cause any allergic reactions to your body when you wear it on your finger. Remember that yellow is the most hypoallergenic of all gold colours.

The Diamond

The blend of both white and yellow gold gives a subtle appearance of the diamond when you wear it on your engagement finger. As a result, you look your best.


Both yellow and white gold is considered the purest colour of gold. Yellow gold is a blend of the pure metal and alloys of zinc and copper, and white is a blend of pure gold and white metals, such as palladium and silver. 

Your Skin Tone

White gold suits rose-coloured skin tones, and yellow gold complement your olive skin.


Historically, both white gold and yellow gold are considered auspicious for both engagement and wedding bands. When you and your fiancé put the white and yellow ring on each other’s fingers, both of you will smile, knowing you have committed to each other and you both look great. 

At Jakeb Jewelers, we have a wonderful selection of wedding and engagement rings. For the convenience of our clients, we have a generous refund policy that will allow you to review the rings and feel confident in your purchase. Once you place your order, we work hard to deliver your order within 5 business days – right to your door. We are completely honest and transparent in regard to your services. 

Briefly Put!

If your engagement is in the cards, make it an event to remember with a white and yellow engagement ring. From a traditional point of view, this ring is considered auspicious and will pave your way to a happy and prosperous married life.
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